We offer quality engineering design services which include structural inspections and structural reports suitable for a mortgage and structural calculations or structural drawings for projects of all sizes. We undertake site visits in Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Leamington Spa, Northampton, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Nottingham & nearby areas. Since our inception in 2016, the team at SIMPLIFY Structural Engineering has successfully delivered over 1800 commercial and residential projects.

We are Chartered under the Institution of Civil Engineers, insured and fully qualified team of Structural Engineers.

Why Choose SIMPLIFY as your structural engineering consultants?

Here’s why many businesses and homeowners choose to work with the SIMPLIFY structural engineering team:


Every one of our structural reports & plans are approved by Building Control Authorities

We successfully completed over 1800 projects

When you choose us, you'll enjoy high quality standards

What we do at SIMPLIFY Structural Engineering Consultancy

We undertake structural inspections and provide structural calculations & drawings for commercial and residential projects. This includes new builds, loft conversions, extensions and basements.

What truly sets us apart from other structural engineering consultants is our ability to provide swift turnaround times and customer service.

All that’s required from you is to forward those calculations and drawings to your builder and the Local Building Control Authority for approval.

What Our Team is All About

We work very closely as a united team. We share mutual goals and hold each other accountable for every decision that is made. Our main aim is to provide the most cost-effective and practically feasible solution. Our suggestions serve our clients in the best possible way over the long haul.

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