Author: Simplify Engineering

Cosmetic House Cracks or Subsidence?

Why do you see cracks in your home? How can Structural Engineers help? The most common reasons for cracks based on our experience with over 1000 building inspections and 4000 projects are: Why do house cracks need assessment? When cracks, uneven floors, bowing walls or other structural defects are observed by a building surveyor or […]

Why do I need a structural engineer?

To help answer why you need a structural engineer, let’s explore what the role of a structural engineer actually is. What is a structural engineer? In the context of residential property, a structural engineer’s job is to design and plan. They also ensure the correct procedure is followed during the construction of new buildings or […]

Steel beam sizes

Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning less steel is required in a beam than if other materials used, which makes it a sustainable and cost-effective choice. Steel is capable of withstanding high loads with minimum deflection, which prevents movement and cracking of brittle finishes such as masonry and plaster. Steel I-beams are often used […]

The importance of restraint straps

You may know them as either tensions traps or bat straps. Whatever you know them as, they are necessary for the restraint of floor and roof structures to walls. This is usually to stop bulging or cracking of walls, with the most common cause being repeated wind pressure. However, having proper vertical and horizontal restraint […]

What size of steel beam do I need?

Choosing the right size of steel beam is essential when it comes to construction projects, as steel beams will form an integral component of your building. So, choosing the correct size of beam to support the structure is imperative. The decision will be based on three principal factors: – The length of the steel beam– The load/weight […]