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Is a structural survey worth the money?

One of the most common questions within the structural engineering world is whether a structural survey is worth the money. In our professional opinion, although you are not obliged by law to have a survey completed, it will always be recommended. Do I need a structural survey? This is a question often asked by those […]

Why are my walls bowing or bulging?

Noticing your walls bowing or bulging is the first sign that you need to get the underlying problem resolved. The problem is that there are many possible causes for walls bowing or bulging, so it is best to get the advice of a structural engineer.  A professional structural engineer will understand what forces are acting to […]

The importance of restraint straps

You may know them as either tensions traps or bat straps. Whatever you know them as, they are necessary for the restraint of floor and roof structures to walls. This is usually to stop bulging or cracking of walls, with the most common cause being repeated wind pressure. However, having proper vertical and horizontal restraint […]

Removing a chimney breast

The early part of 2021 is continuing in the same vein as 2020. Many of us are cracking on with those home renovation projects, which are usually put on the back burner for some time. This article will look at the ins and outs of removing a chimney breast. In particular, whether it is the […]

How do I become a structural engineer?

Structural engineering is certainly an exciting career path, with these highly skilled professionals responsible for designing the impressive structures and support systems for our built environment. If the idea of helping to design everything from bridges and schools to hospitals and stadiums fills you full of creative ideas, a structural engineering qualification could be a […]

The main causes of foundation failure

The purpose of foundations is to provide the necessary support for structures, providing resistance to the loads that act on them. Foundations function as structural systems, transferring loads to the soil under them, offering stability and resistance to the loads. Foundations are crucial to the structural integrity of any building, but in some cases are […]

What loads matter when designing a building

Structural engineers are constantly having to consider what loads will be in action, and how structures can be made to withstand these loads. A load can be defined as a force that a building or structure must be able to resist. Building loads must be a primary consideration in any design to provide safety, integrity and longevity. When […]

Structural engineer for loft conversion

Do I need loft conversion structural calculations? For many years, lofts were the spaces in our houses that were overlooked. Used primarily for storage of things that we really didn’t need on a day to day basis. They can become tired, dusty and unloved.  Then came a renaissance with families looking to extend their properties […]