Simplify was appointed as the structural engineer for a new residential development, comprising of a new basement construction and a superstructure in Leicester. The new basement structural design required the consideration of both horizontal and vertical loads. 


The horizontal loads included forces imposed by neighbouring buildings, earth pressure, groundwater and wind. While the vertical loads included the weight of the SIP timber frame superstructure, floors, walls, roof and the residential imposed loads.


We offered two alternative solutions for the basement construction and superstructure. The first option included secant pile basement walls, composite slab floors and a steel frame structure. Whereas, the second solution included ground beams with an underpinned basement construction, a composite slab above the basement, and a SIP timber frame for the superstructure. 


The chosen solution was the second scheme, which included the ground beams and the SIP superstructure. The ground beam and underpinning offered a safer and more cost-efficient solution. Construction of the ground beams required excavation of a 1.2-meter trench. We also included shattering on one side to achieve a smooth finish on the inner face. 


Following excavation and shattering, the team added steel reinforcement and concrete was poured. The ground beam formed temporary and permanent support for the adjacent buildings foundation loads. This in turn reduced the cost of temporary works and allowed unobstructed work in the area.


Simplify offered high-value engineering throughout the new basement structural design process. As the build progressed, we provided further onsite support as and when needed. The project ran smoothly, largely because there was direct communication between the contractors, ourselves and the client. 

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