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Regarding the services of a structural engineer

What are the services of a structural engineer?

A building or construction, in many ways, is comparable with the human body – structural engineers are simply consultants who are involved with every aspect of the ‘skeleton’ of a building. The services of a structural engineer can vary depending on the project, but they will all involve a building’s frame.

Therefore, we are tasked with ensuring that the structure and foundations of a building are strong and robust enough to support any forces applied to it.

When suggesting a change or repair, we consider the most practical, straightforward and cost-effective solutions for each client.

Since no building is created equally, we put in a great deal of thought and careful consideration into how each project is to be approached.

When do I need the services of a structural engineer?

If you need to modify the structure of a building in any shape or form whatsoever, then you will require the services of a structural engineer. Attempting to do so yourself could prove to be potentially risky, even dangerous. This is especially true if you are making modifications to load-bearing walls or removing chimney breasts – because, in both cases, accurate beam calculations must be made, so that works can be carried out safely.

In addition, whenever a new build is required, you’ll need to hire the services of a structural engineer. Similarly, other instances where a structural engineer may be required are when you’re adding extensions, particularly when you need to open up an existing external wall to make way for new space. The same philosophy applies to completing structural elements like floors, roofs and foundations.

Will a structural engineer always need to visit my property?

This varies – if you already have architectural plans in place, our structural engineer can use those. However, if you don’t have them, a site visit becomes necessary because our team will need to assess the structural changes required and come up with a design accordingly.


What happens once the structural calculations have been completed?

Simple – you and your architect or builder will present the structural calculations to the designated Building Control Authorities for approval.


What costs are associated with hiring a structural engineer?

While it’s difficult to provide a preset quote, we’ll detail all costs in your quote before work begins. Your payment only becomes due after the structural calculations are completed. And just so you know, we accept cash, BACS transfer, and payments over the telephone via your chosen debit/credit card.

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