If you are wondering how much it costs to hire a structural engineer in the UK, the Simplify team are here to help. Many of the queries we receive relate to the cost of hiring a structural engineer, and with several factors such as the complexity of the project and its duration all impacting the cost, we thought it would be useful to cover this common query in more detail within this blog post.


How much will a structural engineer cost?

The cost of hiring a structural engineer will vary from project to project, as the number of site visits, the time it takes to complete the calculations and the complexity of the drawings will all dictate the amount of time the engineer has to allocate to the project. Naturally, the longer the project, the more the service will cost. We know how important it is to provide a competitively priced service with no hidden costs, so we will always provide a total quote ahead of starting any work.

As a rough guide, the following are average costs for some of our most popular structural design services:

• A complete home build – £1000-£4000
• An extension – £250-£2000
• Removal of a chimney breast – £150-£600
• Removal of internal walls – £250 – £500
• A loft conversion – £500-£1500
• Fitting of solar panels £300-£600

As you can see from the prices above, the costs can vary significantly between each project, so we always recommend contacting our engineers for an accurate quote.


What factors impact the price of a structural engineer?

The main factor which will impact the cost you pay for a structural engineer will be the time it takes to complete the project, with the following timescales acting as a useful guide:

• A complete home build – 2-6 weeks
• An extension – 5-10 days
• Removal of a chimney breast – 3-7 days
• Removal of internal walls – 3-7 days
• A loft conversion – 5-10 days
• Fitting of solar panels – 5-10 days

Of course, there will be factors which will impact the specific time it takes to complete your project, such as the location of the property and ease of access. To ensure our quotes are as competitive as possible, we have various offices throughout the Midlands, Milton Keynes and Watford, which ensures our engineers are able to cover a wide area.


Do I need to hire a structural engineer?

A structural engineer is a professional who specialises in the design of building structures, and within residential construction this can include everything from the foundations and the various beams needed to support the property to the roof structure. Whether you hire a structural or civil engineer, the professional will be able to inspect the site, prepare the drawings and specify the materials that your construction team will need to bring your architects drawings to life.

Not only will an engineer ensure the building is structurally sound, but they will also ensure the design complies with building regulations so that it will be approved by Building Control. If you plan on selling your house in the future, you will need to prove that any alterations to the property were approved by Building Control, so it is essential to hire a suitably qualified structural engineer.


Simplify – Competitively priced structural engineers

We hope this blog post has helped to answer some of your questions about the cost to hire a structural engineer. If you would like to find out more about how Simplify can help, or if you would like our team to put together a detailed quote, please contact us today. We pride ourselves on offering a simple service, so there will be no hidden or additional costs to pay, and your bill will not be due until our structural calculations and drawings are complete.