The various professions involved within property construction can be confusing at times, with architects, surveyors and structural engineers all playing vital roles. However, the lines can blur between professions, and this can make it difficult when planning project budgets. If you are undertaking a building project and are wondering who you need to approach, this guide to the roles of both structural engineers and architects will provide the insight you need.

What do structural engineers and architects do?

Architects and structural engineers are both involved with the creative and scientific aspects of our built environment, with sketches, calculations and technical drawings produced to create solutions to construction problems. However, architects tend to focus more on the overall design and aesthetics of a building than its structure and safety. In comparison, structural engineers are often tasked with designing the structures which support the architects’ impressive designs, and they can also make recommendations for improvements to existing buildings.

Do I need a structural engineer and an architect?

Although structural engineers can create simple building designs, the unique skills of architects are often unrivalled in terms of their design knowledge. It is always recommended to hire an architect to oversee the aesthetics of a build, with structural engineers hired alongside the architect to oversee the design of the structure, the various support systems and to also provide advice on the various issues which often crop up during a construction project.

There will always be an overlap between the two roles, however if you are looking for an end result which lives up to your design expectations, with peace of mind that the build is completely structurally sound, you will need an architect and a structural engineer.

Simplify Structural Engineering – UK wide Chartered Civil Engineers

If you were confused about the differences between an architect and a structural engineer you are not alone, but we hope this quick guide helped you to compare the two professions. With so many sub-fields and specialisms within these industries, it is natural to feel overwhelmed about where to start when planning a building project.

This is why our team are so committed to offering a simple approach to structural engineering, with clear, accurate quotes and efficient inspections, calculations and drawings. If you would like to find out more about our range of structural engineer services, contact our team today and we will be happy to provide a quote.