Is a structural survey worth the money?

One of the most common questions within the structural engineering world is whether a structural survey is worth the money. In our professional opinion, although you are not obliged by law to have a survey completed, it will always be recommended.

Do I need a structural survey?

This is a question often asked by those who are in the process of purchasing a house, which is obviously a time when watching excess spending is important. However, a house purchase is likely to be the largest and most important investment you will make during your lifetime, so the additional expense of a few hundred pounds could prove to be invaluable.

To the untrained eye, a property may seem structurally sound and without major defects, however not every issue is visible. In fact, hidden defects could cost thousands to correct and leave you regretting the purchase. A structural survey can identify these issues, so that you can potentially negotiate a lower purchase price based on the cost of rectifying these defects or walk away from the purchase completely.

As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’, and a structural survey will provide you will the information you need to make such an important purchase sensibly.

What type of survey do I need?

There are many types of surveys, so naturally it can be confusing. A structural survey, pre-purchase survey, and a home buyers survey are all essentially the same thing. In contrast to a basic mortgage valuation, which only assesses the open market of the property, a structural survey will identify defects in the property. For example, the surveyor will be looking for issues such as cracking, water penetration and subsidence, which may not be identified in the basic visual valuation report.

A structural engineering survey will assess the structure of a building and its stability, which could be essential if the building is very old, if there are signs of possible subsidence or if you are planning major renovations or building works. An experienced structural engineer will quickly identify structural defects and provide the recommendations for their rectification, and the initial outlay could prove to be an important investment.

How can Simplify Structural Engineering help?

The structural engineers here at Simplify are members of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), so we have the skills and expertise needed to complete in-depth structural engineering surveys. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a property which needs major renovations or looking for further information about defects identified during a basic survey, our team are here to help. To find out more about the importance of structural surveys or to request a quote, contact our experience team today.