An example of new basement structural design

new basement structural design

An example of new basement structural design

Simplify was appointed as the structural engineer for a new residential development comprising of a basement and superstructure. New basement structural design required considering of vertical and loads on the structure. This is two-fold; weather loads and material loads. Weather loads are mainly due to the effect of earth pressure, groundwater table and wind. The basement also needs to support the weight of the walls, floor and roof above.

We offered 2 alternative solutions for the scheme. The first option included secant piles basement walls. These included composite slab floors and a steel frame structure. The second solution included a ground beam with underpinning basement construction. This involved a composite slab above the basement and SIPs for the superstructure. The chosen solution was the underpinning option. It showed more consideration towards the structural integrity of adjacent structures during the construction stage and it was also more financially viable for the client.

Simplify offered high-value engineering throughout the new basement structural design process. As the build progressed, we provided further prompt and effective onsite support as and when needed. The project ran smoothly, largely because there was direct communication between the builders, ourselves and the client. This ensured any delays were avoided.


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