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We undertake site visits and inspections in Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Leamington Spa, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Northampton and nearby areas. Pre-purchase structural inspections, structural calculations and drawings for projects of all sizes, including single beam/RSJ designs.

Residential and Commercial Structural Engineers

Our expert structural engineers have extensive experience in undertaking both commercial and residential projects:

structural engineer load bearing wall
Load Bearing Wall Removal

Perhaps it’s time to remove an entire wall in your home to make better use of existing space or to make more room. We will design steel beams and provide a prompt report, which will be complete with structural calculations inclusive of your structural engineer cost as per Building Control Authorities’ guidelines. We will also supply indicative partial plans, specify connections and pad stones at no additional charge.

Structural Engineer Leicester

No matter what your plans are, we can help you make great use of that extra space by providing detailed structural calculations for all kinds of home extensions.

Structural Engineer Leicester
New Builds

Planning to erect a brand new building for your commercial establishments or perhaps build your own house from scratch? Given our sound knowledge of traditional construction, as well as the latest off-site technologies, we’ll deliver the best structural design solution for every new build.

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Lofts and structural alterations

If you’re looking to have a loft built from the ground up, our structural engineering team is ready to help. If you need to have structural alterations done to your existing loft, we’d love to help you expand that space in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Let us provide you with an accurate structural engineer cost quote today. 

structural engineer near me
Civil Engineering

Our impressive civil engineering and consultancy track record spans over many solutions – from agreements for highway adoptions, new access and new drainage to surface water attenuation, and cut and fill analysis.

Basement Design Engineer

We’ll provide a structural design and plan for your basement that Building Regulation Authorities will approve in a heartbeat.


We design solutions using the following materials:

Steel beams design

Steel - including RSJ/beam design for small domestic projects



structural engineer cost of concrete materials




structural engineer cost of load bearing wall removal


maintenance work uk

All types of materials to build and maintain drainage, attenuation, and access roads

What is the role of a structural engineer?

Structural engineers focus on the framework or ‘skeleton’ of structures, but particularly on designing structures in a way which ensures that buildings can withstand permanent loads (weight of materials) and variable loads (weight of occupants, wind, furniture, equipment, etc.). Sound structural engineering is all about making buildings, bridges and other large structures stable, safe and completely secure throughout the course of their life.

Structural engineering costs are determined by the project scope, and our structural engineers are highly knowledgeable and work within all the required safety regulations. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver bespoke structural design solutions which are as cost-effective as possible.

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Pre-purchase structural inspections, structural calculations and drawings for projects of all sizes, including single beam/RSJ design.