Simplify Engineering was instructed to provide structural engineering solutions for the scheme of a new school building. The major challenge in this project were the foundations. There were large sections of backfill and overlaying sandy clay. This presented a less-than-ideal ground type for the build. Another critical aspect was keeping the budget under control.

To that end, Simplify Engineering provided structural engineering solutions that significantly reduced the construction cost. This solution comprised of an engineered foundation consisting of a flat slab. This was then placed on a series of mass concrete trench-fills. The only reinforcement used was A393 mesh, which minimised the time allocated for the construction of this new school building. It also offered a good value for money alternative to a piled foundation option, that would have rested outside of their budget constraints.

Both the client and the architect were satisfied with the outcome. They commented on their delight with the plans in terms of quality of output and our timely manner for design delivery.


Here at Simplify Engineering Solutions, we work very closely as a united team, which means that we share mutual goals and hold each other accountable for every decision that is made. Our main aim is to provide the most cost-effective and practically feasible solution, so that our suggestions serve our clients in the best possible way over the long haul. We focus on the framework or ‘skeleton’ of structures, but particularly on designing structures in a way which ensures that buildings can withstand permanent loads (weight of materials) and variable loads (weight of occupants, wind, furniture, equipment, etc.).


Sound structural engineering is all about making buildings, bridges and other large structures stable, safe and completely secure throughout the course of their life. Whatever your requirements, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.