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We undertake site visits/ inspections in Leicester and the Midlands.


We work within the following project delivery timeframes:
structural engineering reports
1 to 4 Days

Construction and design changes

UK Structural Engineer
2 TO 10 Days

Small works designs such as extensions, lofts or alternations

1 TO 4 Weeks

Medium-sized projects including basements, new builds and extensive structural modifications

Please note that turnaround times may vary in some cases due to factors beyond our control.

Why Choose Us:

  • Check what our clients say about us
  • Leicester Structural Engineers successfully completed over 2500 projects: structural calculations, drawings and reports
  • 100% Building Control Approval to date
  • Great customer service – regardless of if it is structural calculations for one beam/RSJ or a new school construction, we try our best to provide a good customer experience
  • All projects are checked by a Senior/ Chartered Engineer
  • Safety, buildability, costs are considered in every project
  • We maintain Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance
  • Site visits by site attendance and virtual Inspections via video calls

Sample Projects from Structural Engineers, Leicester:




Snibston Primary School, Leicestershire – required a local Leicester structural engineer for a conversion and extension of an existing school building and structural inspections. We provided structural calculations and drawings. The scope of design services included site inspection, design of foundations, steel beams, load-bearing walls and a timber roof.


Braunstone Gate, Leicester – the client required a structural engineer to assist with the new student accommodation building. Simplify provided efficient design for foundations and steel superstructure.


Stoneygate School, Great Glen – needed to convert the existing residential building to classrooms. Due to the change of use, a structural engineer was required to inspect the existing timber frame building, assess its construction, and provide structural calculations and drawings to allow the conversion.


Earl Shilton Building Society, Leicester – required a local Leicester based structural engineer to assess the sagging roof. Simplify provided a report with findings and recommendations.


Residential New Construction, Extensions & Alterations:


Ringers Spinney, Oadby – the client required a structural engineer for a new construction project. We provided structural calculations and drawings for the new reinforced concrete basement and consulting regarding the SIP timber superstructure.


Somerville Road, Leicester – a house owner required a structural engineer to provide structural calculations for his loft conversion with a large dormer. Architectural drawings were available, and calculations were provided within 4 days.


Severn Road, Leicester – a residential property owner had architectural plans and required a structural engineer to assist with his project. The scope included sizing RSJs and timber roof for the house side extension.


Pre-purchase Structural Reports:


Braunston Road, Oakham – a house seller required a structural report as the buyer’s surveyor had concerns regarding external wall cracks and suspected subsidence. The client selected us as we are a local Leicester based team of structural engineers. Based on our findings, the cracks were caused by defective lintels and thermal movement of the building.


Tentercroft Avenue, Syston – a house seller required a pre-purchase structural report as the buyer’s surveyor recommended that the roof should be replaced. Based on our site inspection, Simplify Engineering determined that the purlins required strengthening and an installation of collar ties would suffice, instead of a full roof replacement.


Pullman Road, Wigston – a first-time property buyer required a pre-purchase structural report to assess the structural condition of the building. The client also required structural advice regarding future extensions and alterations.


Ramson Close, Hamilton – a property buyer’s surveyor found some cracks along the internal and external walls and a structural engineer was required to provide a structural report for a mortgage.

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