Structural Inspection

Worried you’re buying or selling a building with structural defects?

Have an inspection completed

Typically, a pre-purchase inspection provides a visual assessment of any structural issues found within the homebuyer’s report or observed by a buyer.

A structural engineer pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • A written report
  • Observations with possible causes
  • Recommendations for repair
  • Monitoring plan, if needed

What is the average structural engineer inspection cost?

Structural home inspection costs depend mainly on the size and age of the building. The average structural engineer cost for inspection and reports in the UK is £350 to 650 + VAT. This will vary based on the property’s size, age, and condition. A specific structural inspection looks at one isolated issue whereas a general report covers the whole property.

What problems need a licensed structural engineer home inspection?

If your property shows signs of these issues, it’s time to budget for a structural home inspection cost:

  • Signs of subsidence or heave
  • Cracked or moving walls
  • Sagging roof or ceiling
  • Loose chimney mortar

You may also need a structural engineer if you’re applying for planning permission and need to submit details to your Building Control Authority.

How to choose a structural engineer for your home inspection

First, check if the company is Chartered either under IStructE (Institution of Structural Engineers) or ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers). If you’re not hiring a Chartered engineering company, then most mortgage providers will not accept the report. If your quoted structural engineer house inspection cost appears to be too low in comparison to other quotes, checking of their qualifications should be considered. IStructE and ICE have very strict requirements, which will remove some of the vetting for you. But, if you go with anyone who is not chartered you lose some of that peace of mind. In addition to memberships, perhaps read their reviews on Google or similar review websites. Getting a good pre-purchase structural report done right the first time can save you from making a costly mistake in the future.

When do you not need a structural report?

It will not be of use when you need a code compliance inspection. It won’t necessarily find all hazards or hazardous materials, and it’s not a guarantee that there are no hidden issues. It’s just a licensed expert’s opinion that the property is sound, structurally. So the structural engineer will check the walls, roofs, flooring, foundations etc. but they will not check plumbing, boilers, electrics or anything that’s not structural.