We recently completed an interesting project involving the conversion of a Victorian Gold Factory in the Jewelry District of Birmingham into a commercial space. This also involved the basement, lower levels and residential premises in the upper levels. Successful warehouse conversions provide a glimpse into positive repurposing of disused industrial space. As we look to reduce environmental damage, reusing spaces instead of building new can help with that.

Simplify Structural Engineering provided a structural solution for the project, which enabled the warehouse conversion to go ahead, while keeping to the original character of the building.

This meant retaining as many of the original features as possible, such as timber trusses and brickwork. The lateral stability was a real challenge. To maintain the structural integrity of the building, a few engineering solutions were deployed. Ply boarding of the roof created a series of racking panels, and we used helical bars for mortar bed reinforcement. Lastly, bracing rods were needed for the final stability measures.

The positioning of new beams, as well as installation sequence, was also a challenge. To that end, in addition to the final structural calculations and drawings, Simplify Engineering provided a temporary works design. This ensured the structural integrity of the building was not compromised during the construction stage.