Structural engineers are often essential members of building teams, as they will ensure your project is safe and structurally sound. Despite it being an essential service, it is possible to find competitive pricing from experienced engineering firms, especially when you know the average structural engineers cost UK wide.

When do I need to hire a structural engineer and how much will it cost?

In general, whenever projects are completed which involve undertaking structural work, they must be covered by Building Regulations, you will need to hire a structural engineer. An experienced engineer will often advise on the design of both new and existing structures, through site inspections and structural calculations, with plans that can then be submitted to Building Control for approval.

As a core member of your construction team, it is often essential to hire a structural engineer, and depending on the project the cost could range from £500 through to £5,000 for a highly complex construction project. The simple projects such as completing calculations and drawings for the removal of a load bearing wall will fall within the lower estimate, with basic projects usually falling within the region of £500-£750.

As with all professional services, as the complexity of the project increases, the price will also increase. For example, during a highly complex extension project, it is likely that your structural engineer may need to make multiple lengthy site visits, which are then followed up by extensive time in the office completing calculations and plans. In comparison to a single site visit for the installation of a load bearing beam, the extension project will be more expensive.

What are the costs of Simplify Structural Engineering services?

Here at Simplify, our goal is to streamline the structural engineering process to make everything as simple and straightforward for our clients as possible. This carries through to our pricing, and while it is difficult to provide a generic structural engineer cost to cover all projects, we can provide a detailed quote for your individual project.

If you would like our team to provide a quote, contact us today and we will provide a full breakdown of all project costs. If you decide to proceed, the payment will only become due once our site visit and structural calculations are complete, and for your convenience we accept cash, BACS transfer and payments over the phone via your debit/credit card.

To find out more about the Simplify service or to request a quote, contact our experienced team of structural engineers today.